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Established on December 10, 2001. Guided by our motto, "Partner for Total Solution", PT Bintang Komunikasi Utama have been a steadfast company to consistently offering comprehensive solutions to enterprises relying on telecommunications services throughout the country. Experienced in combining various types of network infrastructure into one integrated network.

Our commitment extends to a wide spectrum of services:
> VSAT Services
> Power Systems
> Internet Services
> Internet of Things
> Monitoring systems
> Telecommunications infrastructures

We are committed to consistently producing high-quality products, making us a trusted partner for seamless telecommunications solutions. We empower business to thrive in the digital age.

Service Excellence

Integrated Solution

Providing integrated solutions to customer needs

Latest Technology Support

Providing Technical Services with the Latest Technology Support

Professional Attitude & Management Standards

Provide Services with a Professional Attitude and Meet Management Standards


more than 22 years of experience serving various industries in the telecommunications sector


Our Services

Telecommunication Infrastructure

Advancing Telecommunication Infrastructure for National Development

Audio Visual Display Solution

Discover the Future of Visual Communication

Solar Power Solution

Embrace the Future of Solar Power Solution

Data Center Solution

Elevate Your Data Center Experience

Surveillance For Mining

Advancing Surveillance Excellence Across Diverse Environmen

Internet of Things (IoT) Solution

Our IoT platform (CONNEX) provides tailored solutions, adaptable to client requirements and conditions, employing a user-friendly 'plug-and-play' approach, offering customization options across four key components.

Telecommunication Infrastructure

We offer comprehensive telecommunication solutions, integrating advanced infrastructure, precise continuity planning, and state-of-the-art monitoring systems.

Our services ensure uninterrupted, high-quality communication while enhancing the resilience and security of your operations by combining several telecommunications technologies including fiber optic, radio link, VSAT SCPC, and Starlink internet satellite.

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Tailor Made Software

Server Room Monitoring System

We offer an intelligent system that effectively monitors and manages power consumption, temperature, and humidity, ensuring an optimal room environment for maintaining peak performance of server hardware.

Independent Monitoring System

Independent Monitoring System (IMS) is a monitoring system that is reliable, independent, can reach remote areas, compatible with all brands and can provide information about the surrounding environment. IMS utilizes solar power as a power source so that it can be placed in areas that do not even have electricity.

Field Report Management System

A versatile and powerful management system designed to meet a variety of needs, from distribution management to political campaign oversight. This comprehensive tool empowers users to streamline operations, gain real-time insights, and enhance control over their activities through GPS tracking and more. With Obsight, you'll unlock a range of benefits that will transform the way you manage your projects and campaigns.

Campaign Management System

> Thematic Mapping > Survey Management > Social Media Analysis > WhatsApp Blast > Logistics Reporting > Event Management > User Management

Mining Applications

Tailored Software Development For Mining Industry

Mining Applications

Tailored Software Development For Mining Industry



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Equipment repair workshop


Radio Link Installation


VSAT C-Band Installation


BTS Blankspot


Starlink Installation


Starlink Satellite Internet


City Command Center


Tower & Power (Topo) Project





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